Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Spring is fast approaching and good agents are gearing up for the influx of additional buyers by getting good saleable stock. 

The only way to know about the one or two "diamonds"(good saleable well priced properties) in your area is by having a system to follow that will make you aware of all the properties that comes into the market first! This is a challenge in itself as there are a lot of agents out there competing for the same inventory or "stock".  

It is a known fact that the agent that potential sellers chose to assist them in selling their property is the agent that has the ability to become, and stay, top of mind. Property owner or sellers are influenced by the marketing activities that they experience in their area and unlike buyers that study the newspapers and frequent the internet to make up their minds, sellers only have the agent's activities in the area, to determine which, out of all, they will appoint as there agent. In other words the best known agent will get the business!

Anything that makes you well known can be seen as good marketing, this is normally not just one thing, it is a combination of activities done repeatedly in order to become "top of mind". Canvassing is about repetition, you have to be noticed in order to be remembered.
The more effort it takes is normally an indication of the response we will get, only by really getting involved in our communities and becoming part or the area and its people, can we be sure of their ongoing support and business.

We as agents need to make "canvassing" or target area marketing interesting as this is a big and very important part of our day to day activities as estate agents. Prospecting can be time consuming but it is neither difficult nor hard and if done correctly, will establish you as the agent of choice.
Here are a few tips on how to become well know:

  1. Have at least 20 "FOR SALE" SIGNS up in your area as this is an easy way of canvassing, signs work for you while you are doing something else and gives the impression of a active agent!
  2. Contact all "PRIVATE SELLERS"in your area and offer your services to them, most of them are frustrated and there are more of them than what you might think.
  3. Have your car "BRANDED" or at least use your Magnetic stickers as nothing says, "active agent" like a moving billboard!
  4. Talk to at least 5 People a day, "KNOCKING ON DOORS" is still one of the best ways to become well known. If it works for politicians, it will work for you!
  5. Get a mail drop or Pamphlet out to your sellers every month.  Remember it is called JUNK MAIL because it is about quantity and repetition rather than quality.
  6. Spend time with the people that know what is happening in the area, these are the people that are home during the day. Get your "INFORMANTS" to work for you!
  7. Don't be a secret agent, give out your BUSSINESS CARD to everyone, leave this at the properties you visit, every time you visit it and wear you name tag!
  8. Conduct a SHOW HOUSE in your area every weekend, it is all about visibility and branding and not necessary about the number of visitors!
  9. Use your "THANK YOU CARDS", by thanking people for their business and services; you will get business of your own.
  10. Utilise the influence of the SMALL BUSINESSES in your area by working with them, remember one hand washes the other.
  11. Get involved at your local SCHOOLS by offering your time rather than money and you will amazed at the listings that can be generated.
  12. Always leverage of you own SPHERE OF "INFLUENCE" by regularly reminding your friends, colleagues, fellow club members and associates of what you do.
  13. Make 10 "COLD CALLS" a day with a well thought out script to sellers in your area with great results!
Sellers list their properties with the agents that they perceive to be active in their areas, by regularly doing these activities; you will become the agent of choice and start earning the commission that you deserve.   

The biggest mistake that we as agents can make is to rest on our Loral's and expect the Sellers to contact us when they consider selling their properties.
Let's get out there and make thing happen for us this spring!

Stefan Louw

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